October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN

Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors

One design definitely does not fit all. Not when your application has specific performance requirements for high speed, high torque or a delicate balance of both. And not when you need to deliver ultra performance at an optimized cost. That's why Portescap created the Ultra EC platform of mini brushless motors. These electric brushless DC motors are crafted around our patented U coil technology. This new coil design, designed at Portescap in Switzerland, is the key to the outstanding performance of these brushless mini motors, including minimal iron losses, better efficiency and cooler operation. This unique coil design allows two-pole motors, for example, to deliver 30 % more torque compared to the same size electric brushless dc motor using a conventional coil design, plus it offers substantially lower iron losses.

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