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MACO-sys LLC offers control solutions for the plastic industry. The company has specialized in complete machine control since 1978.

Gator Cases Inc.

Founded in 2000, Gator Cases Inc. works as a true partner with equipment manufacturers to develop and produce cases, bags, and carrying solutions that protect and build their brand value.

Beahm Designs Inc.

Beahm Designs Inc. innovates tube processing machines to perform the principal composition of catheter manufacturing. These machines eliminate operator dependency, stabilize tube processing functions, and provide repeatable results.

Design Concepts

Design Concepts is a product development consultancy with 50 years of experience driving business success by designing meaningful products, services, and experiences. The company's team includes experts in human factors, engineering, research, design, prototyping, testing, and regulatory compliance. Its ISO- and FDA-compliant process can be tailored to match its customers' internal development practices.

Techniks Inc.

Techniks Inc. manufactures a wide variety of CNC tooling and the sPINner parts deburring machines. The sPINner quickly batch deburrs parts that take hours to hand deburr. See what the sPINner can do by sending the company parts for a free test evaluation. Techniks will deburr the parts and send a full report documenting the results.

MMD Medical

MMD Medical offers contract manufacturing for injection molding, precision machining, and assembly.

Isometric Micro Molding Inc.

Isometric Micro Molding Inc. offers full-service, ultra-high-precision, micromolded components and assemblies. Medical and drug-delivery devices are rigorously managed using a tailored, proven process to mitigate risk and quantify customer-specific milestones.


MDI manufactures a wide array of medical devices for the medical device industry. The company understands that time is money and guarantees a quick turnaround without forfeiting quality. MDI has expertise in the following processes to help bring concepts to life: laser machining, laser welding, Nitinol shape setting, electropolishing, passivating, and surface treatment.

VEST (Venture Embedded Solutions Technology)

Advanced Products Corporation Pte. Ltd. (APC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venture Corporation Limited (Venture). APC has built know-how and intellectual property with domain expertise in embedded system engineering design and development for both hardware and software. With in-depth understanding of embedded system design, APC has developed a robust development ecosystem encompassing hardware, software, networking components, and more.

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